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Abortion Hurts. God Heals! (AHGH) is a ministry of The Justice Foundation and was created to educate, enlighten and bring hope of healing to people through heartfelt testimonies of those who have chosen abortion, suffered the consequences and accepted God’s forgiveness and healing.

Your generosity will help us meet our Fundraising Goal of $10,000.

100% of your charitable contributions support our ministry in exciting ways

  • Radio air time for our ground-breaking weekly talk show Abortion Hurts. God Heals! airing every Sunday at 7PM on KSLR AM630, The Word in South Texas.
  • Surrendering the Secret, a 9-week biblically-based Group Healing Class for women experiencing the negative spiritual and emotional consequences of abortion.
  • Live Panel-Style Events for churches or women’s groups at which our team members share their testimonies of God’s redemption after abortion.

Monetary donations thru the site can be setup as a monthly donation or a one time only donation.

One- time Donation
Recurring Donation
*If you would prefer to donate by check, Please make checks payable to The Justice Foundation and mail them to 8023 Vantage Drive, Suite #1275 San Antonio, TX 78230. Please write “AHGH” on the memo line.

    How Can You Help?

    • $25 pays for 1-2 individual’s post-abortion recovery study, covering the cost of printed materials and workbooks, and refreshments.
    • $50 pays for a month of podcast production.
    • $150 pays for one hour of radio air time and production costs, including generating the podcast.
    • $600 to 750 will cover a month of radio and podcasts, depending upon number of weeks in the month.
    • $150 pays for a 10-week group post-abortion recovery study, covering the cost of printed materials and workbooks, advertising, and refreshments.
    • $250 will fund an Apprentice Scholarship. AHGH Apprenticeships include preceptorship by a Certified Post-Abortion Recovery Group Trainer for two 10-week semesters, followed by an online Surrendering the Secret training module with a certificate of completion.
    • $200 covers travel and printing costs for an “on-the-road” panel event for a group of four team members. There is a growing demand for our team to travel outside of San Antonio to minister to others.

    Why Donate?

    Your tax deductible donation will help provide training and supplies for our post-abortion healing classes, and expenses needed to offer our panel events free of charge to churches, women’s ministries, conferences and youth programs. It will also provide funding for the AHGH Radio Program on KSLR 630, The Word in South Texas, which has been another way to share our abortion testimonies, and other life-affirming stories, with a much wider audience.

    Our experience has shown that through live testimonies of healed post-abortive women, more women come forward to break their silence and begin the healing journey.

    At our panel events, our AHGH Team members share their abortion and adoption stories with the main goal of glorifying God and His mercy, forgiveness, and healing. He lifted our heavy burdens and broke the chains of guilt, unforgiveness, and grief. Our Lord exchanged it all for the redeeming and restoring JOY that is life-changing and uncontainable! It’s now our heart’s desire to follow the Lord’s guidance by sharing our real stories, undeniable healing, and real hope to all who will listen.

    “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.” Jeremiah 1:5

    Make a Difference

    Please consider donating to our ministry. Help us reach out to the pulpits of our churches, our college campuses, and high school youth groups and communities. By being the voices that have been silenced for over 40 years, we can end that silence and speak the truth of how Abortion Hurts, but God Heals!

    God may use our testimonies to offer support and encouragement to someone in a crisis pregnancy who is abortion-minded, or to share the truth about what abortion is and how it affected our lives. Our true stories, admitting our regret, and exposing the lies we once believed, may spur people to stand up and fight for the protection of the unborn.

    Will you consider a tax deductible donation to our ministry?

    As a nonprofit organization, our ministry is funded solely on donations and sponsorships from generous individuals with a heart for Life, the unborn, and those broken by abortion.

    Thank you for supporting Abortion Hurts. God Heals! ministry!

    And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony. Revelation 12:11

    We Would Like to Thank Our Donors For Their Generous Support!

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