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Your tax deductible donation will also help fund our Abortion Hurts. God Heals! Radio Program on KSLR AM 630 every Sunday evening from 7-8 PM (CST). It has been another way to share our abortion testimonies, and other life-affirming stories, with a much wider audience. The AHGH program is blessed to have wonderful guests sharing powerful stories about post-abortion healing, adoption, homes for pregnant mothers, and the supportive pregnancy care centers that offer those facing an unplanned pregnancy helpful resources.

Eye opening conversations with an abortion survivor and a woman conceived in rape have been heard, as well as an amazing testimony revealing God’s mercy for a former abortion industry worker who experienced God’s conversion, quit her job, and began a ministry to help others get out of the abortion industry as well. These are the stories that are broadcast by the AHGH Radio program as a result of your generous donations. Lives saved. Women healed. Eyes opened. Minds and hearts forever changed. All by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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For a $150 donation you can fund the cost of a show that will air on our Sunday evening Radio Program.  It will also cover the podcast fee.  Click the following link to “Own a Show” or make a donation to our ministry.

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