The voices of AHGH team members about their abortions.

A beautiful story of how God can bring hope and blessing out of despair.

Melissa Ohden speaks about surviving her birth Mom’s abortion.

Jeannie Pittam’s transformation after God’s healing from her abortion.

Luana’s Story – Operation Outcry

Jason’s Story – Operation Outcry

Carla’s Story – Operation Outcry

Rebecca Porter – Operation Outcry

“40 Years of Abortion” press conference with Carmen Pate and Myra Myers

Molly White – Operation Outcry and Director of Women for Life

Cindy Collins – Operation Outcry

Michelle Durand – Tears to Treasures

Gianna Jessen – Abortion Survivor – Part I

Gianna Jessen – Abortion Survivor Part II

Life After Abortion

Claire Culwell – Abortion Survivor

Men and Abortion

Me in the Aftermath

Virginia and Sue share why they chose abortion.

Virginia prepares the congregation to hear the panelists abortion stories.

Ginny shares about the day of her abortion.

Sue shares about the consequences of abortion.

Ginny shares her story about Matthew West writing her a song.

Sue talks about how the Lord healed her!

Sue  shares her poem “Dear Ginny”.

Virginia shares about being led to healing.

Candlelight for the Unborn.

Saundra Decker at UT Austin.

Saundra Decker speaks at UT Austin.

Jennifer Padilla speaks at UT Austin.

Virginia Lange speaks at UT Austin.

Virginia Lange speaks at UT Austin.

Sayuki speaks at UT Austin.

Shay speaks at UT Austin.

A 5 minute film that is changing hearts.  Read about the providential events that led up to the making of this film, including the unknowingly post-abortive woman hired to star in it.  Lives are being saved and women healed as a result of this short film.

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God’s Intention – Kirk Barker’s Story

Nona speaks at Texas A&M

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Nona on the:
Wiley Drake Radio Show