3rd Annual March for Life – Floresville, TX

The 3rd Annual March for Life, under the auspices of Knights of Columbus council 4461 took place October 7, 2017, in Floresville, TX.  AHGH’s Elsa Lopez  was invited to speak about the issue of Abortion to this humble community.

The event included one speaker presenting on Natural Family Planning (NFP) and another from an agency that cares for babies placed for adoption by their mothers due to difficult circumstances.

The event was officiated by Fr. Campos of Sacred Heart Church in Floresville who spoke about the importance of fathers and grandfathers of young pregnant moms and dads being a message of Hope vs. rejection and shame. This was a good step towards opening the channels of communication among Christians in the church who can be a voice of hope for moms , dads, & their unborn child.

This was an ecumenical gathering of all Christian faiths including teens, young adults, and adults among the 115 attendees.

The event was followed by a March, then a Mass officiated by Archbishop Pfiefer of the Archdiocese.