On Saturday, January 28, the team members of Abortion Hurts. God Heals! participated in the Texas Rally for Life in Austin, TX.   After talking with attendees and fellow pro-life leaders at our ministry booth, we all joined the March to the Capital building for unborn babies.  It was a beautiful sunny day to celebrate LIFE and to join thousands of women, men, children, youth, and families marching together for the Right to Life from conception to natural death.

The Abortion Hurts. God Heals! Team

AHGH had more team members participate this year….Saundra, Virginia, Wendy, Elsa, Shannon, Lisa, Diane, Sue, Yvette, and Julie!!  The crowd was even larger as well!  What a fun day we had with good speakers and lots of music and fellowship.  Our voices are being heard, and our ministry is reaching others.  We are praying for lots of healing for post-abortive mothers, fathers, and families in the coming year, and we are excited about all that is happening in the Pro-Life movement and within AHGH.

Loving Life!

AHGH Ministry Fair Table

Virginia and Julie

Yvette and Julie

Lisa and Saundra


Julie, Yvette and Diane 

The March for Life

Our Ministry Fair Table

Yvette, Virginia and Diane 

Virginia and Diane 

Julie, Yvette, Virginia, Elsa and Diane

Lisa, Saundra, Virginia and Sue 

Lisa, Saundra, Sue and Virginia

Texas Rally for Life 2017