Abortion Hurts. God Heals! Team members: Sue Hooker, Virginia Lange and Ginny Larvin were panelists at a Panel Event hosted by Tower City Church on Sunday, May 15. Team members Sherri Hayden, Sayuki Goldman, Yvette O’Neil and Saundra Decker were also present for support, prayer team, and set up/break down. It was an incredible event of hope and healing!

Virginia and Sue share why they chose abortion.

Virginia prepares the congregation to hear the panelists abortion stories.

Ginny shares about the day of her abortion.

Sue shares about the consequences of abortion.

Ginny shares her story about Matthew West writing her a song.

Sue talks about how the Lord healed her!

Sue shares her poem “Dear Ginny”.

Virginia shares about being led to healing.

Candlelight for the Unborn.

The AHGH Panel Event was a very special time for our church. Saundra and her team shared information and personal experiences with tastefulness, transparency and grace as well as the transforming power of Jesus Christ to restore every broken soul. Our people were deeply affected, from the teens to the seniors, both men and women–all came away with a greater understanding of the secrets people often live with, renewed compassion, and recommended resources to help those we encounter facing the aftermath of abortion. We wholeheartedly endorse the use of panel events like these in our churches to bring hope and healing to the hurting and to bring abortion into the light.
Pastor Candy Rattray