UTSA Students for Life Event –
“The History of Planned Parenthood”

with Testimonies from AHGH Team Members

The Students for the Right to Life held a Pro-life Event on the campus of UTSA on Monday night, October 23. Members of campus pro-life organizations, as well as students from the UTSA Planned Parenthood group, filled the chairs in the Mesquite room at the University Center.

Luke, a member of UTSA’s Students for the Right to Life group, gave his presentation on the History of Planned Parenthood. The organization’s ties to the eugenic’s and civil right’s movements were explained with sources cited from two of Margaret Sanger’s own books.  The goal of the Founder of Planned Parenthood was to increase birth control globally.

Elsa sharing her story.
AHGH Team member, Elsa then spoke about her personal experience at Planned Parenthood and the importance of being accountable with our decisions. She also talked to the young college students about the need to be aware of the deceptions in our culture regarding Planned Parenthood.Lisa sharing her story. Lisa shared how Planned Parenthood does not consider what a teen must be going through and her experience before parental notification laws were passed in Texas.

Christina sharing her story.

Christina gave powerful testimony on the importance of what “Red flags” to look for in a young person faced with an unplanned pregnancy and the vulnerability for abuse, followed by Nicole who gave her perspective as a young college student and the lack of support from abortion agencies. A brief panel was then held to allow questions from the audience.

A lot of information was shared and the students were very receptive.

Monday night’s event was livestreamed and can be viewed on the Students for the Right to Life UTSA Facebook page.

To watch the event LIVESTREAMED: Click Here.