How to host a Panel Event with Abortion Hurts. God Heals!

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What does an AHGH Panel Event look like?

Did you know that 1 out of every 5 women of childbearing age has had an abortion? For every post-abortive woman there is post-abortive father as well. Many are hurting from the heartbreak of abortion. Many are hurting in silence. Many are serving in your church and are still carrying this burden, shame and pain and may be feeling that they will be condemned and judged if they speak about it.

Abortion Hurts. God Heals! will come to your church, retreat or conference (free of charge) to present a panel event. We want to educate, enlighten and bring the hope of healing to people through the heartfelt testimonies of those who have chosen abortion, suffered the consequences, and accepted God’s forgiveness and healing.

  • 3-5 panelists will share their abortion stories, consequences and healing in a casual, comfortable setting.
  • Scripture will be spoken throughout the event.
  • Baby shoes of the children lost to abortion will be displayed.

  • Candlelight for the Unborn will be a time for memorializing children lost to abortion and miscarriage.

  • Prayer counselors will be available throughout the entire event.

  • The event will conclude with prayer time at our beautiful Table of Hope.


Letter to Pastors:

A letter to Pastor’s
from AHGH ministry.
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How to host an Abortion Hurts. God Heals! Panel Event :

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by abortion. We are passionate about spreading the message of hope and healing to a mission field of women and men affected by the pain of abortion. Our AHGH team consists of women affected by crisis pregnancy, teen pregnancy, adoption, and abortion. We would love to share our experience of healing, forgiveness, and mercy with women (and men) in your church, retreat events, or small groups. Our message is one of love, hope, and the healing power of Jesus Christ. Contact our ministry for more information.
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What Pastors and Students are Saying:

I highly recommend the AHGH panel events. At a recent ladies conference, our women were very moved by the presentation. The unique format is informative and informational while allowing women to share their experiences with candor, honesty, and acceptance. God’s fingerprints are visible in the AHGH presentation and His hand to heal and restore are shown without apology–only love, compassion, and joy in the miracle of redemption.
Pastor Candy Rattray, Tower City Church
Beautiful She had the opportunity to invite the AHGH Panelists to take part in our “It’s A Child Not a Choice” Prolife event that was held at Tower of Refuge Church in Rosenberg, TX and it was beyond anything we could of thought or imagined. The women who shared their stories exemplified bravery, strength and forgiveness. As they shared their stories, I watched strongholds fall, mindsets be transformed and shame and guilt be washed away.

If you are going to have an event and you will be speaking about abortion, then Abortion Hurts. God Heals! Panel should be on your itinerary.

We had the unique pleasure of hosting the ladies from Abortion Hurts and God heals Ministry (AHGH) at our church for the Sanctity of Life Sunday. Their pro-life testimonies were clear and powerful regarding their personal circumstances leading up to their trusting Jesus for personal salvation. Their “baby boots” presentation at the end of the service had a great impact on our congregation. Every church should allow them to share their ministry of transformation.
Pastor Mike Pratt, Communion Chapel
The AHGH Panel Event was a very special time for our church. Saundra and her team shared information and personal experiences with tastefulness, transparency and grace, as well as the transforming power of Jesus Christ to restore every broken soul. Our people were deeply affected, from the teens to the seniors, both men and women–all came away with a greater understanding of the secrets people often live with, renewed compassion, and recommended resources to help those we encounter facing the aftermath of abortion. We wholeheartedly endorse the use of panel events like these in our churches to bring hope and healing to the hurting and to bring abortion into the light.
Pastor Buddy Rattray, Tower City Church
Our Tower City Church Ladies Conference was strongly impacted by the presentation and ministry of this courageous group of women on Saturday night speaking up about things left silent for too long. No dry eyes, all hearts touched, healing in abundance.
Overall, bringing Abortion Hurts God Heals to our campus was a great experience. The ladies were extremely kind and their raw, honest stories served to educate the audience in a very real and informative way. Many of the Pro-Choice students stayed even until the very end of the panel, gripped by the surprising and tangible pain coming from their presenters. Their organic stories of healing were inspiring and full of hope, leaving the event on a very high note. I am extremely proud and inspired by the work these ladies are doing. I hope that many more people have the opportunity to hear what they have to say.
Allyson Hunter, President of Texas A&M Pro-Life Aggies
On Monday, January 22nd, Tigers for Life hosted Abortion Hurts, God Heals at Trinity University. Hearing the women’s raw, straightforward testimonies was a powerful experience for many of our audience members, including myself. So often, the abortion conversation is limited in the fields of bioethics and politics, and we fail to engage with the women who have lived through the experience of abortion. It was incredibly touching to learn about the women’s physical, emotional, and spiritual responses to their abortions, especially since post-abortive women often feel compelled to hold onto their grief indefinitely. I believe that we opened the door for further discussion of abortion within not only our own pro-life organization but with the campus as whole. As we remember the anniversary of Roe V. Wade, and the lives of the 60 million children lost since then, we also remember the stories of those children’s parents and the pain that they may be carrying around, unheard. I would highly recommend to any social justice, pro-life, political activist, or church group to invite the women of AHGH to share their stories, so that we can engage with the challenging topic of abortion with the knowledge of its impact upon the lives of women who choose it.
Trinity University - Tigers for Life