Panel Event at Trinity University


On January 22, AHGH was invited to Trinity University to do a Panel Event for the Tigers for Life organization. Two ladies were interviewed on the panel sharing the truth about abortion and the consequences that they experienced.

AHGH Team members presented their baby shoes and shared briefly about the grief and healing process.

After the Panel Event, the AHGH Team participated in a Q&A with the students.

“On Monday, January 22nd, Tigers for Life hosted Abortion Hurts, God Heals at Trinity University. Hearing the women’s raw, straightforward testimonies was a powerful experience for many of our audience members, including myself. So often, the abortion conversation is limited in the fields of bioethics and politics, and we fail to engage with the women who have lived through the experience of abortion. It was incredibly touching to learn about the women’s physical, emotional, and spiritual responses to their abortions, especially since post-abortive women often feel compelled to hold onto their grief indefinitely. I believe that we opened the door for further discussion of abortion within not only our own pro-life organization but with the campus as whole. As we remember the anniversary of Roe V. Wade, and the lives of the 60 million children lost since then, we also remember the stories of those children’s parents and the pain that they may be carrying around, unheard. I would highly recommend to any social justice, pro-life, political activist, or church group to invite the women of AHGH to share their stories, so that we can engage with the challenging topic of abortion with the knowledge of its impact upon the lives of women who choose it.”
Tigers for Life, Tigers for Life at Trinity University