This is a copy of the letter from the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, written to Mr. Allan Parker from the Justice Foundation:



July 12, 2016

Mr. Allan Parker,

I am offering my gratitude to the Justice Foundation for their tireless work on a difficult problem known as forced or coerced abortions. Through their Center Against Forced Abortions they are making it possible for more women to know their rights regarding their ability to protect themselves and their unborn children. Regardless of political preference, we can all agree that forced abortions are morally wrong and illegal.

Forced abortions happen under a variety of circumstances. Teenage girls may feel pressure or coercion from a parent to end a pregnancy. Young men may pressure women to terminate a pregnancy out of fear. Trafficked individuals may also be subject to forced abortions.

But the law is clear: Texas has laws against assault, injury to a child, child abuse, kidnapping, and failure to report these crimes. All of these crimes may be predicated by forced and coerced abortion. The law requires us to protect women from this extreme form of abuse.

In 2009, the 81st Legislature passed HB4009, creating the Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force. The legislation required the Attorney General to establish the statewide task force to develop policies and procedures to assist in the prevention and prosecution of human trafficking crimes. The Human Trafficking Unit conducts proactive and reactive investigations and works collaboratively with local, state, and
federal law enforcement partners in an effort to rescue individuals who are victims of labor and sex trafficking. Forced or coerced abortions may result as part of the vicious crimes.

Day in and day out, the Office of the Attorney General is involved in investigating abortionists and ensuring that the laws of Texas are fully followed. Like the Justice Foundation, I pride myself in taking particular care that our laws that protect life -especially lives of mothers and the unborn – are vigorously enforced.

On a personal note, prior to my service as attorney general,I served on a pregnancy center board in North Texas. Everyday, women seek help and comfort at pregnancy centers, far different from the outside pressures they may receive. The Justice Foundation should be commended in their work on protecting women, and educating women about their ability to stand up against forced abortions. I close by commending the Justice Foundation for their efforts to end forced and coerced abortions.

Very Truly Yours,

Ken Paxton